Forum Thread: How to Clean Your Room "The Right Way"

This is how to clean your room, the right way to make it fun!
Imagine you have to clean your messy room, and imagine it looks like this:

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But you want it to look like this!:

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or this:

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or even this:

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then you'll need, well first a BUNCH of money, but also a way to make it fun!

Step 1: Make a Video of Yourself While You Clean Your Room.

Not Very Fun When You're Cleaning, but Extremely Fun to Watch in Fast Speed Afterwards!

Step 2: Some Good Music to Play While You Are Cleaning!

I Prefer Listening to Happy Songs, Like Happy - Pharrell Williams and Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bob Marley

Step 3: Pretend You Are Mary Poppins!

Pretand everything you do is magical like Mary Poppins, when she cleans the kids room! Like everything does itself while you are dancing, singing and snapping your fingers (of course you'll have to do everything without magic... Unless you ARE magical!)

Step 4: Eat!

Always have a little bowl of snack when you clean, and some soda (but if you are on a diet try water or some diet things!)

Step 5: If You Want, Train!

if you are a person who wants to train and stuff, use heavy stuff to lift and yea that kind of stuff.. yeah, training stuff :P (I'm not a very good training person xD)

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