How To: Fold a T-Shirt Quickly

Fold a T-Shirt Quickly

This video shows how to fold a T-shirt in under fifteen seconds, quick and easy (though, you probably wouldn't be folding the shirt you're actually wearing, but then this video would be pretty boring).

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Nice Rack

nice boobs girl!

hey! that was like magic...i need to look at the video many times...but that's ok, though.
: D

Nice vid! MORE PLEASE!!!

How do you fold those shorts? ;)

This video was misleading, I didn't even see a shirt.

how do you fold a bra?? haha...j/k had a shirt? I was focusing on your nice rack

nice boobs lolz jk ima try to fold it like that if i can pay attention to da shirt

Some of the "props" are distracting to the technical points.

lets see more please

I have to be like the other guys......... nice boobs. You got a hott body, no fat, lean and trim and yet ya got these huge overwhelming titts. Thank you fer the video. Oh and the lesson on the shirt too. : )

Great googlety-moogelty.

AAAAGGHHHH!!! I can never quite see how to do it, she has such amzing boobs and body!!! She must have one lucky guy:)

are they real?

But MOST people, arent really bothered about folding a shirt they've just taken off. Unless of course you plan on wearing the dirty shirt later, in which case, would make your topless emphasism seem unhygenic.

But i must admit, dirty shirt or not, you look better without it.

those are some tig ol bitties

Whaaat? Can I see a video of how to fold panties?

not one to be a pessimist, but she's got to have a face like a horses arse otherwise there just isn't any justice on this planet. i agree with the consensus here though. she is very well qualified.

why folding the shirt?
How about just keep going without it?
Why hiding those boobs under the shirt?
By the way, was it about a shirt?
Better title : how to show my boobs in bra to people with a shirt near it.

not that funny

I Agree with omg123 better title, cool rack!

Shirt? what shirt?


How in the hell would that be considered "mature content"? Jesus people, get a grip. They're only breasts - everyone has them!

so everyone has breasts? like, everyone? i didnt know that.

When is having more not better

like much of the viewers... I DID NOT NOTICE the shirt until after the 15th viewing

nice,do you have any more video's If not lets get you famous


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