How To: Clean clad coins with a tumbler

Clean clad coins with a tumbler

Ever wondered how to clean those dust clad coin? It is hard to clean the coins all at a time. This how-to-do video gives an easy way to clean those stubborn clad on the coins. An old tumbler would accommodate this task. An old tumbler can be bought from eBay. The tumbler consists of two tumbling barrels connected to a small motor. The tumbling barrels are connected to a motor through a rubber belt. Fill the tumbling barrels with water and tumbling medium. Add Gravel or Pebbles from aquarium, or add commercial tumbling rocks that come in triangular shape. Tumbling medium can be bought from a plating shop or a little soapy liquid mixed with water would accommodate. Put the coins into the barrel and let it tumble overnight. Dry the coins after it which they would shine like new nickel. For more tips on maintaining coin collectibles visit Coinhunting.

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