Forum Thread: How to Make Professional Bed ?

Giving A Luxurious Style Look To A Bed

The very first look in the room goes at the presentation of the bed, Let us know today the way to make professional looking bed and the standard procedures to follow:

The detail information on how to make a bed.

Step 1: Start with the Mattress and Mattress Protectors That Are Evenly Fitted to the Four Corners Equally.

Step 2: Before Placing a Flat Sheet or Bed-Sheet Remember to Check for the Four Hems on the Sheet Which Identifies with Color Codes. (Three Hems Are Thin Whereas One Hem Is Thick)

Step 3: While Placing Bottom Sheet Make Sure to Place the Thicker Hem at the Head End of the Bed and Thin Hem at the Foot End of the Bed.

Step 4: Make Sure to Equally Adjust the Bottom Sheet and Tuck All the Corners Using a Fold Called (Hospital Fold).

Step 5: Now Putting a Duvet into Duvet Cover, Spread the Duvet Cover on to the Bed and Then Fetch the Duvet to Check for Any Stains, Torn or Damage.

Step 6: Now Place Duvet into the Duvet Cover and Spread It to Align Well.

Step 7: Once the Duvet Is into the Cover Use One Hand to Hold Both Corners and the Other Hand to Pull the Rest of the Duvet and Shake Quickly.

Step 8: Once the Duvet Is Securely into the Cover Check the Bottom Corners of the Duvet Are Neatly in the Corners of the Cover.

Step 9: Now Place It on the Bed Ensuring the Open End of the Duvet Is Facing at the Foot End Side.

Step 10: Now Start Folding the Duvet Under the Mattress Neatly and the Tuck the Sides Using Hospital Folds.

Step 11: Finally the Pillow Case Which Has One Side Open to Put Pillow Case Same Like Pillow Protector.

Step 12: After Placing Pillow into the Pillow Case Make Sure All the Corners of the Pillow Are Perfect in the Corners of the Pillow Case.

Step 13: Once Your Pillow Is Neatly Place into the Pillow Case Make Sure When You Place It on the Bed the Open End of the Pillow Is Hidden as Much as Possible from the Guest, This Is So It Looks More Attractive and Presentable.

These are the following steps and the standard procedures to make the bed looking professional and luxurious.

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