How To: Clean a clothes dryer filter

Clean a clothes dryer filter

Keeping the filter clean improves your dryer's performance and avoids the risk of fire from lint buildup. By leaving your lint filter full, you run the risk of also breaking your dryer, leading to an expensive repair or an expensive new dryer.

You Will Need:
• A vacuum cleaner with hand tools
• A bucket with water and dish soap
• A rag

Step 1: Manually clean filter
Remove your dryer filter after each dryer load. Scrape lint from the filter with your hands.

Step 2: Vacuum filter and filter area
Clean the area around the filter and wherever lint is visible using the hand tools on your vacuum.

Step 3: Wipe inside of dryer
Wipe the inside of the dryer drum, the dryer door, and any other surfaces with a damp, soapy rag to remove hair, lint, and debris that can build up inside the dryer. Let air dry.

Step 4: Clean duct, vent, and back
Lint also collects on the back of the dryer, in the exhaust duct, and in the dryer vent. Clean these periodically with a vacuum.

Step 5: Hire a professional
Hire a professional to periodically clean the interior of your dryer every one to three years to increase safety and improve performance.

Trivia: The first clothes dryer was invented in Europe in the 1800s. Clothes were dried in a large barrel with holes that was rotated over a fire.

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