How To: Clean items with bed bugs you can't put in a washer

Clean items with bed bugs you can't put in a washer

Do you have bed bugs hiding throughout the home? If they've gone from your blankets and bedding to say, you're child's toys... you might be a tad clueless as to how about cleaning items you can't throw in a washing machine. In this video presented by Bed Bug Central, learn how to clean those items with bed bugs you can't throw in a washer.

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It took six months to get bed bugs out of my house. It wasn't quick or easy. To avoid bed bugs when I travel I keep my clothes in XXL Ziplock bags and when i get home everything goes into my Packtite, portable oven designed to kill bed bugs. You can watch videos on how to inspect for bed bugs at Bed bugs reproduce like crazy so you need to have information to successfully avoid and eradicate bed bugs.

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