How To: Clean laminate floors

Clean laminate floors

In this video we are shown how to clean laminate floors using HG Laminate products. HG laminate powerful cleaner is used to remove grease, stubborn dirt as well as old layers of HG laminate gloss coating. To use, dilute it with water depending on how severe the staining is. Apply with a slightly damp cloth and work it in briefly. Make sure to mop up well afterwards. Another product, HG laminate wash and shine leaves tiny acrylic balls behind on surfaces that you've cleaned with it. These protect the floor from wear and give a glossy finish. To use, add one cap full per liter of water and mop it onto the floor with a mop that is slightly damp. Wring out the mop regularly. It is not necessary to rinse or dry the floor. The final product, HG laminate gloss coating, forms a fine layer that protects the floor from scratches and wear as well as imparting a rich shine to the floor. To apply, use a clean non-fluffy cloth wrapped around a floor wiper. Spread it evenly over the floor going in one direction. After letting it dry for 45 minutes, apply a second coat at perpendicular angles to the initial direction. It should be completely hardened after 24 hours.

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