How To: Clean an LCD screen

Clean an LCD screen

Is your computer's LCD screen getting so dirty you can barely make out what you're typing. Use a few household ingredients to keep a clear, sharp image on your LCD screen without clouding or scratching it.

You Will Need:
• Distilled water
• Isopropyl alcohol
• A spray bottle
• A soft cotton cloth
• White vinegar (optional)

Step 1: Turn off monitor
Turn off your LCD monitor.

Step 2: Mix solution
Mix a solution of 50 percent distilled water with 50 percent isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle.

Step 3: Spray the cotton cloth
Spray the cotton cloth with the solution. Do not spray the solution directly onto your computer screen.

Step 4: Wipe the screen
Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion.

Step 5: Let the screen dry
Let the screen dry before turning the monitor back on.

Trivia: LCD screens use as little as 40 percent of the electricity consumed by traditional cathode ray tube monitors.

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