How To: Clean up after a party so your parents won’t know

Clean up after a party so your parents won’t know

You are great at throwing a party but how are you at hiding the evidence? All you have to do is be good and thorough at house cleaning with maybe a knack for stain removal. The trick is to dispose of party trash far away.

After a night of partying, cleaning up wells takes time and effort.

You Will Need

* Volunteers
* Trash bags
* Rags
* Furniture polish
* Glass cleaner
* All-purpose cleaner
* A vacuum cleaner
* A mop
* A repairman
* A friend's car (optional)
* Scented candles (optional)

Step 1: Recruit volunteers

Recruit volunteers to help clean before the party's over. Assess the situation by walking through the house and looking for damage and stains.

Step 2: Gather bottles

Gather all bottles, cans, and glassware. Empty them and rinse them in the sink.

Step 3: Collect trash

Walk around the inside and outside of the house with trash bags, collecting paper, wrappers, cups, and plates.

After all garbage has been collected, place the bags in a friend's trunk to dispose of the evidence elsewhere.

Step 4: Dust and clean

Dust and polish all wood and glass surfaces with the appropriate cleaners.

Step 5: Clean stains

Clean stains from the carpet, furniture, and walls with an all-purpose cleaner.

Step 6: Vacuum and wash floors

Vacuum the carpets and wash the countertops and floors.

Step 7: Clean the bathroom

Clean the bathroom and mop the floor. When you're done, inspect the house once more to make sure you've left no stone unturned.

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