How To: Clean your gutters

Clean your gutters

Removing the gunk from a gutter but with proper methodically will ensure a clean job and keep you safe while doing activity on top of a ladder. Don't let this chore get you down, with a little work you'll have free flowing gutters all season.

Clean your gutters in late spring and late fall to keep them working properly.

You Will Need

* Weather forecasts
* Two buckets
* Two wire hooks
* An extension ladder
* Work gloves
* Safety goggles
* A trowel or scoop
* A garden hose

Step 1: Check the weather

Choose a day with good weather to clean your gutters; you don't want to combat high winds or rain.

Clean your gutters after a few dry days to make collecting debris from the gutters easier.

Step 2: Hang buckets to ladder

Hang your buckets on the top of your extension ladder with wire hooks. Load one with your tools and use the other to hold debris collected from the gutters.

Step 3: Raise the ladder

Raise the ladder to lean against the eaves. Put on your work gloves and safety goggles.

Make sure the ladder is on a flat surface and you are working in an area free of wires.

Step 4: Begin cleaning

Use your trowel or a scoop and remove the debris from your gutters, beginning near a downspout.

Step 5: Work away from downspout

Move away from the downspout as you work to prevent additional debris from collecting at the downspout.

Step 6: Hose the gutters clean

Wash away any residual debris with your garden hose. Aim the spray towards the downspout.

Gutters have been used in sandboxes and preschools as learning tools to stimulate cognitive exploration.

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