How To: De-clutter your home

De-clutter your home

If you've been meaning to do something about all the clutter in your home, there's no better time than spring to get it done. So don't just spring clean this year, go one step further, and de-clutter. Get organized, and clear out all those "treasures" you no longer use. With a little know-how and the tips from this how to video, those items could put some easy cash in your pocket.

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The company that I use for trash removal has this particular blog entry - - that helps us formulate the procedures in an easy to do steps and few printable sheets that have proven to be strong and much helpful than we thing. Combined with the video here, we will be able to organize our home for the space required. I hope the article finds as much use to you as it did for me.

Happy organizing and de-cluttering ALL :)

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