How To: Deep-clean your carpet

Deep-clean your carpet

When you clean the carpet in your home or apartment, it seems like that dirt just comes right back the next day. It's never really clean. Well, that could be changed with a deeper clean. Deep-cleaning your carpet can offer benefits including getting rid of dust mites and allergens. Not to mention dirt.

You Will Need

* Carpet
* Vacuum cleaner
* Traffic-lane cleaner
* Deep-cleaning machine
* Manufacturer's instructions
* Cleaning solution
* Water

Step 1: Vacuum
Vacuum your carpet thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply a cleaner
Apply a traffic-lane cleaner to areas of the carpet that are stained or heavily soiled with grease, oil, and dirt.

Step 3: Deep clean
Clean the carpet with a deep-cleaning machine, following the manufacturer's instructions. The deep cleaner forces a mixture of cleaning solution and water deep into the carpet while vacuuming out the dirt and liquid.

As an alternative to purchasing a deep-cleaning machine, consider renting one.

Step 4: Dry carpet
Allow the carpet to dry. Although the deep-cleaning machine will extract most of the moisture from your carpet, it will still take several hours to dry completely.

FACT: James W. Spangler received the first U.S. patent for an electric vacuum cleaner in 1908.

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