How To: Defrost your freezer

Defrost your freezer

If you're still living in the Ice Age—that is, with a non-defrosting freezer—you'll need these ancient skills. Learn how to defrost your freezer.

You Will Need:
* Cardboard boxes
* Newspaper or cloths
* A pan that will fit at the bottom of your freezer
* A towel

Step 1: Empty freezer
Remove all food from your freezer and place it in cardboard boxes. Cover them with newspaper or cloths to keep the food from thawing.
*Tip: If you have a neighbor who can store some items in her freezer, that's the best way to go. Or plan a feast around your newly-thawed food.

Step 2: Empty trays
Remove ice trays and empty the cubes into the sink. Let them melt down the drain.

Step 3: Empty fridge
Remove all the food from your refrigerator and place it in cardboard boxes covered with newspapers or cloth.

Step 4: Set to "defrost"
Turn your temperature control to "defrost."
*Tip: If you don't have a "defrost" setting, simply unplug your refrigerator.

Step 5: Place a pan
Place a large square pan at the bottom of your freezer to catch the melting water. Empty and replace it as necessary.
*Tip: If your unit already has a pan there's no need to use another one.

Step 6: Place a towel
Place a dry towel underneath the refrigerator to catch melting water.
*Tip: Never use a sharp object to chip away at the ice coating your freezer. This could severely damage your unit.

Step 7: Wash trays
While the ice is melting, wash and dry your ice cube trays.
*Tip: To speed up the melting, put a pan of hot water in the freezer.

Step 8: Chill
Return food and newly-filled ice cube trays to the freezer. Then return the food to fridge. Now you're ready to chill.

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