How To: Easily clean silver and coins

Easily clean silver and coins

Redneck Productions teaches viewers how to clean silver and coins. This shows you how to clean coins with electricity! This process is good because you do not have to rub or scratch your coins and silver in the process. First you will need to get a battery (AA) and wire. Connect the battery and wire with the wire connected to each side of the battery. Next, you will need to get a plastic Tupperware dish. In this dish mix the solution of equal parts baking soda and Iodized salt and mix this in warm water. Put this solution in the Tupperware dish with some aluminum foil. Put your silver onto a piece of foil and touch the positive end of the wire to this and the negative end of the wire to the coin. Put both in water. Never let all the things touch at once because this will complete the circuit. Check on your coin and you will note a great change!

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