How To: Fold a t-shirt

Fold a t-shirt

The T-shirt may be the king of casual wear, but take care of it like your finest dress shirt and you'll be able to stay casual a good long time.

You Will Need:
* A T-shirt in need of folding
* And a clean, flat surface

Step 1: Lay facedown
On a flat surface, lay the T-shirt facedown with its arms spread.

Step 2: Fold one edge
Fold one edge of the shirt to the middle of the back, stacking the sleeve on top of it so its edge runs parallel to the side edge.

Step 3: Fold other edge
Repeat this maneuver on the other side, bringing the second sleeve over the first.

Step 4: Fold bottom edge
Fold the bottom edge up to the middle of the back. *Tip: The bottom edge should sit just below the point where the top sleeve overlaps the bottom sleeve.

Step 5: Fold top
Fold the remaining top portion of the shirt back over the tail portion and flip it over—the shirt should be more or less square.

Fact: Before Marlon Brando shocked Americans by sporting a tight T-shirt in the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire, T-shirts were considered undergarments only.

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