How To: Fold a traditional fitted sheet

Fold a traditional fitted sheet

This video demonstrates how to fold a fitted bed sheet neatly. For this, first spread the bed sheet on a flat surface like a bed. The outside of the bed sheet should be facing down and the inside should be facing up. Make sure all the corners are visible. First take the right corner over your hand like a puppet with the inside facing out. Then take the left corner over your hand in the same manner with the inside facing down. Repeat the same with the other two corners of the bed sheet. Once you have done the corners, place your hands inside the two pockets that you have just created and shake the sheet, allowing it to be in place. Then fold the left pocket over the right pocket and give it another shake. Now place the sheet on the bed and straighten it as neatly as possible. You will have a rectangle with two neat sides and the other two sides still puffy. Now fold the sheet from top down one quarter and from bottom up one quarter and then in half. Now fold the sheet lengthwise, and you have a small, neat rectangle ready.

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