How To: Get out lipstick stains

Get out lipstick stains

Learn how to get out lipstick stains.

It's not just lipstick on your collar; your favorite shade can turn up anywhere! That's why you need a battle plan.

You Will Need

* A clean, white towel
* A clean, white washcloth
* Rubbing alcohol
* Grease solvent

Step 1. Place stain on a washcloth

Place the garment, stain-side down, on a clean, white towel.

Step 2. Soak another cloth

Dip a clean, white washcloth in rubbing alcohol and dab it on the back of the stain. Keep dipping and dabbing until the stain is gone.

Step 3. Wash as usual

Launder as usual.

Tip: If you have grease solvent at home, like acetone, you can use that instead of rubbing alcohol. Just don't use it if the item contains acetate.

Fact: The late makeup guru Max Factor invented a kissing machine in the late 1930s in order to test the longevity of the company's lipsticks.

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