How To: Get rid of carpet beetles

Get rid of carpet beetles

Tired of having carpet beetles? And no, we're not talking lady bugs! Check out this video for a tutorial on how to rid of them once and for all!

Carpet beetles can damage your carpet, furniture, and clothes, so take action to get rid of these household pests.

Step 1: Find the source

Inspect your home for larvae or shed skin. Carpet beetles like to feed in dark, secluded areas. If the infestation is contained, remove infested material.

Step 2: Vacuum frequently

Vacuum your carpets, drapes, closets, and under furniture frequently. Eggs that are laid indoors occur in lint accumulations.

TIP: Vacuum along baseboards and edges of carpeting where carpet beetles like to feed.

Step 3: Prevent entry

Prevent entry by checking your windows and air ducts for openings.

Step 4: Apply pesticides

Apply pesticides as a last resort. Bedding and clothing should not be sprayed, and read all labels before applying.

TIP: Check with a pest control company to find out the risks of using pesticides in the home.

Step 5: Contact pest control

Call your local pest control if you want an experienced professional to remove the pests.

Did you know? Not all beetles are household pests – ladybugs are considered good luck in many cultures.

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