How To: Get rid of mice

Get rid of mice

If you see a mouse in your house, don't kid yourself—his entire extended family has moved in with him. Reclaim your home, once and for all. Check out this Howcast video tutorial on how to get rid of mice.

You Will Need

* Snap traps or glue boards
* Peanut butter and/or chocolate
* Steel wool
* Caulking compound
* Door sweeps
* 24-gauge galvanized steel
* Moth balls

Step 1. Set traps
Step 2. Don't cook
Step 3. Repeat
Step 4. Inspect rooms
Step 5. Patch
Step 6. Examine doors
Step 7. Scatter moth balls
Step 8. Check for rotting walls
Step 9. Prevent future infestations

Tip: If you can fit a pencil under a door or in a hole, a mouse could crawl through it.

Fact: When you begin exterminating the mice in your house, they instinctively step up their breeding, leading to even more mice!

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