How To: Iron a tie

Iron a tie

Don't go out to a fancy party with a wrinkled tie! This video shows you how to get those wrinkles out so it looks nice and flat.

Follow these simple steps to get those wrinkles out of your tie.

Step 1: Set up iron

Set your iron on low and use an ironing board with a terry cloth cover.

TIP: The iron temperature should not exceed 140 degrees for polyester and silk ties and should not exceed 170 degrees for wool ties.

Step 2: Spray with water

Spray the tie with water. Then cover it with a cotton cloth for protection.

Step 3: Iron

Iron from the top of the tie toward the bottom. To prevent stretching, never iron in a circular motion.

Step 4: Hang up

Hang the tie on a hanger or put it in a tie case immediately for later use.

Did you know? Starch used on clothes before storing attracts insects and mold.

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