How to Kill bed bugs: Advice from an exterminator

Advice from an exterminator

Paul Bolzoni is one of the best exterminators of New York City. Watch as he talks about some of his experiences as he goes around New York helping people with the bedbug epidemic.

He discusses various aspects of the bedbug:
Not only do they live in old buildings, but many well-kept buildings were found with bedbugs as well.
Bedbugs aren't only found in beds- Paul Bolzoni found bedbugs living in the seats of a movie theater!

Paul Bolzoni also talks about the harm that bedbugs can do.
They don't do much harm at their infant stage (nymph) but as an adult they can cause welts, mainly targeting children.

Watch this video, and learn about an exterminator's experiences with bedbugs and the problems that bedbugs can pose.

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