How To: Kill bed bugs by applying Diatomaceous Earth

Kill bed bugs by applying Diatomaceous Earth

This is a good way to kill bed bugs; they are annoying bugs.

1. Diatomaceous earth is in powder form. You will first take the cap off.
2. Next you will sprinkle a like vertical and long the mid case of the heater.
3. Then you will also put it on the top molding and also around the base of the heater.
4. You will then put it along the inside of the heater a bug will live for over a year and will lay up to ten eggs about once every three days.
5. You can apply it to the seams of your beds and to any other places that you think there is bed bugs.
6. One of the main places is plugs and outlets.

If you have bed bugs you should use this product to kill the bugs.

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