How to Kill bed bugs: Difference between bombing & fumigation

Difference between bombing & fumigation

Jeff White from Bedbug Central TV says that bombing and fumigation are two different techniques which are quite often considered to be the same even by pest Control technicians are used to control and kill bed bugs

But in reality bombing techniques is not a very effective way to control bed bugs. In bombing a pressurized container with airtight seal called bombs are used. On opening the seal pesticide is released into the atmosphere and kills the insects inhabiting the open spaces.

But bedbugs are generally found in cracks and crevices and remain unaffected by the bombing of the pesticides in the open spaces. The pesticides do not penetrate into the cracks and crevices. Only, the bed bugs found on the walls or outside gets killed which generally happens when there is a population explosion .So bombing can be considered as an ineffective technique to control bed bugs and can sometimes even have a negative impact.

Fumigation is a technique which has to be performed by highly skilled professionals. The fumigate released during this process can be lethal to human beings if not performed in a controlled manner. The particulates released during fumigation are so fine that they can penetrate into solid wood, cracks and crevices where the bed bugs generally reside.

So Bombing can be considered as a space treatment whereas in fumigation the gas gets into every open spaces present in the room and eradicates the insects (bed bugs) inhabiting these areas.

So for bed bug treatment fumigation is the process to be followed which is quite different from a bombing process.

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