How To: Kill fire ant beds naturally

Kill fire ant beds naturally

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fire ant stings are some of the most painful things i've ever experienced

this is a great video. i have tried and tried to kill the ants in my yard, i can't wait to try this. thank you !!!!

He pissed them off in the morning. LOL! Right before their morning coffee. Then they get stuck in a mason jar. Too Funny!!! I will be useing this trick. Thanks for post it. It should be rated an A+

simple, safe and effective! great, I love it.

what was in the jar being use? sorry I cannot tell what it is just by looking, I am deaf, can you tell me what it is? thank u

Canola oil was used

Cool video. I tried it, but the ants stopped attacking the jar after about 20 minutes. None of the ants went into the jar.

I can't watch the video for some reason??

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