How To: Kill Your Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Powder

Kill Your Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Powder

Bedbug victim Mike tells us that even a $200 professional exterminator can not take the bugs off his bed for long. He shows you how you can use the Bedbug Powder to solve the problem of bedbugs for good.

First, go online and look up BedBug Powder on Google or go to BedBugPowder to get a bottle of Bedbug Powder.

When you've got some powder, take off your bedding, which includes your sheets, comforters, etc. Take these to the wash and thoroughly clean them in very hot water. Put the Bedbug Powder in between the folds and creases of you mattress. Put it on the mattress, the headboard, and any bedding item. Don't worry; it is safe for human contact. Put the Bedbug Powder around the feet of your bed. Because bedbugs don't have wings, prevent them from crawling up your bed by putting Bedbug Powder as a barrier.

If you follow these steps, you will get rid of the bedbugs.

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