How To: Make a homemade fly trap

Make a homemade fly trap

Do you have a problem with flies and you're not sure how to get rid of them? In this video, learn how to make a homemade fly trap to get rid of those pesky insects with wings! If you have too many flies buzzing around your house, here's a quick way to make an inexpensive fly trap.

What you will need:
• An empty plastic 2-liter bottle
• Scissors
• A small piece of meat soaked in water
• Tape or glue
• A metal hanger
• Pliers
• Other bait (optional)

Step 1: Cut the bottle
Cut off the top of the bottle just below the break in the bottle's shoulder. Discard the cap and set the top part aside.

Step 2: Place the bait
Place the meat into the bottom of the bottle.

Step 3: Invert the top of the bottle
Invert the top part of the bottle and insert it into the top half, creating a funnel. Tape or glue the pieces together.

Step 4: Attach the hanger
Straighten the hanger with the pliers and insert the ends into either side of the bottle, poking them through the plastic. Add tape or glue to make it more stable.

Step 5: Set the trap
Select a location to hang the trap. The flies will fly in to get the bait, but will not be able to fly back out.

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