How To: Make your own treated dust cloths

Make your own treated dust cloths

Dusting with cloths that are pretreated to attract and hold dust is a huge time-saver. But why spend money on store-bought ones when you can make them yourself for pennies?
You Will Need
* 2 c. hot water
* 1 c. lemon essential oil
* A bowl
* Cotton cloths
* A coffee can or resealable bag
* Cotton T-shirts

Step 1: Mix your solution
In a bowl, mix together the hot water and lemon oil, which you can find in health food stores.

Step 2: Add the cloths
Dip some clean, untreated cotton cloths or cheesecloth squares into the mixture.

Tear up some old cotton T-shirts to use as dust cloths.

Step 3: Wring out
Squeeze out the cloths and allow them to air dry. That's it – they're ready to use. When they get dirty, toss them in the washing machine and start over.

Step 4: Store extras
Keep extras in a closed container so they don't dry out; an empty coffee can or resealable plastic bag works fine.

Fact: The dustiest place on Earth is in the Sahara Desert, in Chad, where dust clouds can be over 400 miles long.

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