How To: Open a jar

Open a jar

Open a jar with ease with these simple tips.
You Will Need
* A strong grip
* A towel
* Rubber bands
* A sponge
* A strong kitchen knife or screwdriver

Step 1: Grab jar
Grab the base of the jar with one hand. With your other hand, firmly grasp the lid and turn it counter-clockwise.

Tap the edge of the lid on the edge of a counter to help break the seal.

Step 2: Use towel
Cover the jar with a towel to get a firmer grip if you cannot open the jar with your bare hand.

Step 3: Run under water
Run hot water over the lid to help dissolve any liquid stuck under the lid.

Step 4: Use rubber band
Wrap a thick rubber band around the lid to get a better grip.

Use a couple of thin rubber bands if you can't find a fat one.

Step 5: Use wet sponge
Use a damp sponge to help you get a tighter grip.

Step 6: Poke a hole
Use a strong kitchen knife or a screwdriver to pierce a hole in the lid. This will release the vacuum inside the jar and make it easier to open.

Fact: The ancient Mayans drank liquid chocolate from ornate, cylindrical clay jars.

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