How To: Organize a closet with a shelves and compartments

Organize a closet with a shelves and compartments

You can organize your closet with simple drawers and shelves or racks that you purchase at a discount store such as Target. Outside of your closet you can have drawer space (use transparent drawers) by labeling your own drawers with large labels that you have written the contents of the drawer on and placed this at the front where it will be visible. The drawers can be divided into short sleeved sweater tops, long sleeved sweater tops, tanks, vests, short sleeved tees, long sleeved regular tops, plain tops or printed tops. The bulkiest tops or garments can go on the bottom where the drawers are larger. Inside of the closet are some more drawers, also labeled. There are large drawers inside of the closet (transparent) that hold jeans in one, shorts in the second one and leggings, and, in the third one basketball shorts and sweats. Behind your shelving units you can store your bags and other bulky items. One closet bar will hold jackets, another one holds all of your dresses. At the end of a bar place a hanging rack with shelves, on the shelves put belts, gloves, hoodies and extra things. By following Vivian's tips on organization you can have an orderly solution for your wardrobe's storage.

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