How To: Organize a linen closet at home

Organize a linen closet at home

The following are the steps to be followed to organize a linen closet:
1. First, you need to clear a work space. This works really well because you need to remove the contents from the linen closet.
2. Empty the linen closet. Clean the shelves because it becomes easy to clean the closet when it is empty.
3. Fold every thing neatly and it is good to fold the corners into themselves. Now separate the linens and towels.
4. Categorize the linens. It is good to organize the linens room wise.
The table cloths and napkins should be kept together, the towels should be separated, and the bed covers and pillow covers should be kept separately.
5. Now start to shelve the linens. Designate a space for each type on linen.
Put the guest towels in a separate shelve, and the remaining household towels separately.
6. It is good to organize the bed sheets and pillow covers as a single set. For this, put the bed sheet and pillow covers in a matching pillow case.
7. Stack all the sets into the closet. It is good to store the sets by size and type.
8. Linen closet is a great space to store the extra bathroom supplies like toilet tissues and Kleenex. The extra pillows can be stored up above.

This is a good way of organizing the linen closet to keep your house clean and efficient.

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