How To: Organize a refrigerator

Organize a refrigerator

Is your fridge getting out of control? Can't identify that raunchy smell that has invaded your ice box? Can't find your ketchup? The best way to alleviate these problems is by organization. Organizing and keeping your fridge tidy is the best way to go, but it could be hard in a roommate situation where one said roommate will never give a damn. Nonetheless… chill out! Use these helpful tips to get your refrigerator organized.

You Will Need
* Organization
* Airtight containers
* Labels (optional)

Step 1: Remove nonperishable items
Remove items that don't need refrigeration. Food items such as tomatoes, onions, and potatoes can be kept at room temperature.

Step 2: Group taller items together
Group taller items toward the back so you can see the items in the front.

Stand all bottles upright to prevent spills.

Step 3: Keep meat on bottom
Keep all meat in the bottom drawer. This will prevent cross-contamination through any drippings.

Step 4: Keep vegetables in crisper
Keep all fruits and vegetables in the salad crisper.

Step 5: Store leftovers
Store leftovers in airtight containers.

Label each container with a date.

Step 6: Store condiments
Put items that will not spoil with changing temperatures, such as condiments, in the door compartment.

Step 7: Go through refrigerator
Go through your refrigerator on a weekly basis. Throw away items that are past the due date. Enjoy the ease of an organized refrigerator.

A refrigerator should be set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less to protect food from bacteria growth.

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