How To: Organize & unclutter your closet

Organize & unclutter your closet

In this how-to video, you will learn how to organize your closet. You will need motivation first and foremost in order to fully go through with this project. The closet of course is the best way to motivate yourself to clean your entire house. First start by getting rid of the items you do not wear or do not like anymore. You can easily get rid of things you do not love by doing this. Next, purchase matching hangars. You can even just rework what hangars you are currently hanging. Items such as purses can be organized by buying an organizer. You can hang your purses and belts on this. Getting items off the ground is a good way to organize as well. You can use shoe organizers to pull this idea off. Now that space is found, you can add more items such as bins to hold specific items. By viewing this video, you will learn how to organize your closet in the best way possible.

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