How To: Pack dishes, plates, platters, and bowls for moving

Pack dishes, plates, platters, and bowls for moving

Moving soon? Don't know how you'll ever get your possessions packed and moved in one piece? Well, fret no more...

Moishe's Guide to Packing will show you the proper way to pack dishes, plates, platters, and bowls. To start out packing these fragile items, you will need to get a stack of packing paper, a roll of packaging tape, and a small to ordinary size cardboard box.

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ates and glassware are often the most difficult to pack. Sure, they aren't bulky or oddly shaped (usually), but they are extremely fragile and need to be packed securely. When packing plates, wrap each one individually with newspaper, paper towels, or something else of the sort. Stack 4-5 and then place them in the box on their side, do not lay them flat. Larger plates should always go on the bottom.

Glassware should be wrapped by section with newspaper or a cushion fabric. Wrap the outside, handle, and stuff the inside as well to prevent any possible breakage. Never stack glassware on top of one another without laying down a cardboard section in between.

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