How To: Pack Household Goods Effectively

Pack Household Goods Effectively

When the time comes to move home, the logistics of moving your belongings can easily become tiresome, tricky and even disastrous. However, with a little careful planning and foresight, the act of packing can be a simple process. The key to getting the most from your move is in efficiency, planning and care. Here, we take a look at the best ways to pack in order to ensure a safe and simple move.

Step 1: Use Good Quality Supplies

However well you pack, the safety of your possessions - particularly the fragile ones - will come down to the quality of your packing materials. It is important to assemble solid boxes and to secure them firmly with tape. Failure to do so could easily result in your arrival at your new home being ruined by the discovery of multiple breakages. If you are using bubble wrap, make sure it is in good condition. For low cost, quality supplies visit the Access Self Storage Box Shop

Step 2: Preparing Items for Packing

Particularly for items which are unusually shaped, it is essential that you wrap belongings well before carriage. It is a good idea to line all of your boxes with a slight cushioning to reduce the chances of damage should you be so unlucky as to have a box or two dropped during moving. If space between items within a box is unavoidable, take extra care to wrap each item individually and thoroughly to avoid damage.

Step 3: Efficient and Safe Packing

The key to packing your boxes well is distributing your belongings evenly. As well as grouping items in such a way as to make the task of unpacking as simple as possible, it is important to distribute items according to their size and weight.

In order to use as few boxes as possible, it's wise to group items which tessellate well. Items such as books will be the easiest to fill boxes with, but crockery could prove more troublesome. While certain items will be difficult to make fit tightly with others, making an effort to reduce the space between items is key to reducing the chance of breakages in transit. Not only is it important to avoid leaving gaps between items, it is wise to fill boxes so as to create a sturdy shape which will allow for easy and safe stacking.

Step 4: Labelling

The art of packing well is not only a question of transporting your belongings in as few boxes as possible with minimal breakages; it is also about ensuring that the job of unpacking upon arrival is made as simple as possible. This requires you to label each box carefully.

When labelling, ensure that each list is clearly written and is visible from a number of different angles. It could be worth thinking about how you are likely to transport the boxes in order to understand the best way for them to be labelled. This will allow you to unload your belongings in the right order at the other end and thus avoid confusion upon arrival.

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