How To: Prevent and remove mud stains from garments & footwear

Prevent and remove mud stains from garments & footwear

Good Housekeeping shows you how to save your shoes and delicate garments from exposure to rain and mud. If you get mud on your suede shoes, wait until the mud completely dries, then brush the dried mud off with a soft brush. Remaining stains can be safely removed with the delicate side on an emery board.

Water soaked leather shoes can be saved by patting them dry inside and out. Placing crumpled up newspaper inside the shoes and letting them air dry will help them keep their shape and also absorb the rest of the moisture.

For rain spattered silk or wool garments, use your steam iron. Hold it 2 inches above the water stains, going back and forth above the garment until the marks disappear.

To prevent stains on your garment, suede or leather shows, Good Housekeeping recommends Liquid Aquaseal Waterproofing and Conditioner for Leather or Revivex Nubuck Suede & Fabric Water Repellent. They will protect without darkening the fabric.

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