How To: Put on a duvet cover

Put on a duvet cover

Envious of all those professionally made beds in decorative magazines? Make your bed look picture-perfect with this technique for putting on a duvet cover.

You Will Need:
• A duvet
• A duvet cover
• A bed
• A helper (optional)

Step 1: Turn the cover inside out
Turn the duvet cover inside out. Then reach down inside the cover and grab a top corner with each hand.

Step 2: Pick up the duvet
Pick up two corners of the duvet comforter with your hands still inside the cover.

Step 3: Flip and shake
Flip the cover right side out by holding up the corners you are lifting and shaking the whole package. Hold tight to the top corners of the cover and the duvet inside.

Step 4: Tuck in the bottom corners
Place the duvet on the bed and tuck in the bottom corners.

Step 5: Smooth it out
Fasten the duvet cover closed and give it one last good shake while holding the bottom corners to spread the duvet out evenly.

Trivia: A Danish study found that more back pain sufferers prefer soft beds to hard ones.

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