How To: Quickly fix a skipping DVD with toothpaste

Quickly fix a skipping DVD with toothpaste

How annoying is a skipping DVD? Picture it: you're in the middle of your favorite flick, and suddenly the characters freeze and seemingly melt away right before your eyes. Sure, you can skip ahead and start watching again at another point in the film, but that's no fun. And it always seems like the disc skips at the best part, doesn't it? Well, this tutorial will show you how to do a quick fix with a tube of toothpaste. It's not just for your pearly whites anymore!

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This did not work. Plus in the video he leave after he clean the disc, and brings back a totally different disc.

This did not work, disco is no longer readably after doing this with toothpaste. It's a trick. Don't do this, your disks will no longer be readable.

It worked for me. This particular DVD had a segment where there was no sound and that problem did not go away. However there were also problems with certain parts freezing and that issue has been fixed (so far).

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