How To: Remove dust from anything

Remove dust from anything

Dust is everywhere. Here are some novel ways to remove it.
You Will Need
* A slice of bread
* Fabric softener
* A car window ice scraper
* A vacuum with a soft brush attachment
* An old shaving brush, flannel sheets, or a chamois cloth
* Two wet socks (optional)
* 1 c. warm water (optional)
* 1 tbsp. boiled linseed oil (optional)
* 1/2 tsp. dish soap (optional)
* 1/2 tsp. ammonia (optional)

Step 1: Clean paintings
Remove dust from water-color and oil paintings by patting them with a slice of bread.

Step 2: Clean glass surfaces
Use fabric softener sheets to eliminate dust and dirt from eyeglasses, television screens, and monitor screens.

For more efficient general purpose dusting, cover each hand with a wet sock.

Step 3: Clean under your refrigerator
Remove dust from under your refrigerator with the brush on the ice scraper for your car windows.

Step 4: Clean your piano's keyboard
Use your vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove dust from your piano's keyboard.

To make an all-purpose duster, mix together the warm water, boiled linseed oil, dish soap, and ammonia and soak a rag in it. Let the rag dry and store for future use.

Step 5: Clean antiques
Remove dust from antiques using an old shaving brush, old flannel sheets, or a chamois cloth.

Fact: Dust mites eat human skin, excrete 20 times a day, and reproduce every three weeks.

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