How To: Remove ink stains

Remove ink stains

Ink stains are a very common stain that people get from an accidental pen mark on the clothing or when an ink pen bursts in a pocket or a purse. Start by putting a little cloth in between the ink stain and another part of the clothing. Get some glycerin and dab some of it on the stain using a cotton swab. Gently rub the glycerin on the stain. Rub it around a little bit and then let it set. Next take some gentle laundry detergent and pour a little bit into a bowl with some water in it. Stir the laundry detergent and water around in the bowl. Apply the laundry detergent to the stain and soap it up by rubbing the clothes together. Then put the item in the laundry with some enzyme based laundry detergent. Make sure that all the stain is out before you put the clothing item into the dryer. Putting it in the dryer will cause the stain to set if it is not completely out before drying it. You can set it out in the sun to naturally bleach white items. If it is "dry clean only", do the same step with the glycerin but skip the detergent. Just add a little water to the stain and have it dry cleaned.

Remove ink stains

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