How To: Remove mildew stains in your bathroom

Remove mildew stains in your bathroom

Remove mildew as soon as you see it: not only is it gross, the longer the mold is allowed to grow, the more damage it can do to surfaces and even your health.

You Will Need:

* Rubber gloves
* A spray bottle
* A bottle of liquid chlorine bleach
* A plastic-bristled scrub brush
* Some water
* A clean, dry cloth

Step 1: Put on gloves
Put your gloves on.

Step 2: Mix bleach and water
Mix 1 part bleach to 15 parts water in the spray bottle.
Never mix bleach with anything other than water, and make sure your bathroom is well ventilated.

Step 3: Spray on mildew
Spray your bleach solution directly on any mildew stains.

Step 4: Let sit
Let the bleach sit for at least five minutes.
*Tip: If there's any mildew on fabric, like a shower curtain or towels, take it outside and brush it off. Then launder the item, using color-safe bleach if possible, and dry it in the sun.

Step 5: Rinse with water
Scrub the stained areas with a brush and then rinse with water. Use an old toothbrush on small areas like grout.
*Tip: Mildew grows in dampness, and cool air holds less moisture than warm air, so running an air conditioner or dehumidifier can help prevent mold and mildew in the first place.

Step 6: Wipe dry
Wipe the treated areas dry with a cloth. This mildew may be gone, but leaving anything damp will just encourage a new batch to sprout.
*Fact: Bathing, cooking, and laundering can add some two gallons of mold-friendly moisture to your household each day.

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