How To: Remove rust stains caused by ironing

Remove rust stains caused by ironing

Your ironing skills are rusty, and so is your iron. Now you've got rust stains on your blouse. What to do?
You Will Need
* A steel-wool pad
* Lemon juice
* Water
* Cloths or paper towels
* Vinegar

WARNING: If your fabric is not machine-washable or color-safe, have it professionally cleaned.

Step 1: Scrub
Use the scouring pad to remove as much surface rust from your iron as possible.

Step 2: Soak fabric in lemon juice
If the fabric is machine-washable and color-safe, soak the fabric stain in lemon juice, and leave it in direct sunlight. Don't let the juice dry.

You can substitute vinegar for lemon juice, though vinegar takes longer to remove rust stains. Don't substitute chlorine bleach, which can make the stain worse.

Step 3: Monitor
Monitor the fabric and add lemon juice or vinegar as needed.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat
Rinse the area with water. If the stain lingers, repeat treatment if needed.

Step 5: Remove moisture
Remove excess moisture using clean cloths or paper towel.

Don't rub the fabric together too vigorously. You could damage it.

Step 6: Finish cleaning
Examine the item to be sure that the rust stain is gone. Clean it according to the instructions on the label, and iron it with your newly rust-free iron.

Fact: In the 10th and 11th centuries, the word "rust" was the Old English word for "red."

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