How To: Remove scratches on an LCD or CD with an egg

Remove scratches on an LCD or CD with an egg

Make the magic remover cloth shown in this how-to video which will remove all the scratches on your favorite CDs, your LCD display or just remove some scratches on plastic. You'll need egg whites of and a microfiber cloth. Don't throw away anymore CDs, DVDs, or lose important files. The trick in this video tutorial will rescue scratched CDs so you can still keep using them.

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what a fantastic idea. my CD's went through Katrina and the ones i managed to find were in pretty bad shape, i did not have the heart to throw them away. this will help me out a lot. thank you

Didn't work for me. The result scratched CD's DVD's and other plastics. Recommend caution if you are going to try this.

how did you even get the alum to dissolve without the egg coagulating?

recommend the popsci video over this -- check it out to the right in related videos

or follow this link

u cant find any think why cant be quiet

Is this is true?

oh and that is so cool

works way better with toothpaste

dumb #$%@!s i didn't read a word they typed on this video. how is that supposed to help? dumbasses

use BRASSO it's a brass cleaner it works!!!!!

it's a FAKE ... watch the video ... it goes the wrong way...
sorry for my english...

WARNING THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FAKE! DON'T TRY THIS! ... Need a proof? Look at 1:34 when he is inserting the disc ... 1. why does it close by itself and THEN he is pushing the button? It's backwards everything!

As a member of Ubernet (disc ripping group) I have repaired scratches on over 100 CDs using Brasso metal polish/cleaner. Rub a small amount of Brasso all over the CD and allow it to dry. With a soft cloth, rub *from the centre to the edge of the CD* with medium pressure (rubbing parallel to the CD tracks increases the risk of a long scratch on a section of the track - avoid doing this). You may have to repeat this process a few times to get rid of stubborn scratches. if you can see light coming through the CD where the scratch is, it is not repairable. I have used a Dremel tool to speed up this process, but you need a soft cloth around the rotating head and a light touch for this. Remember, rub from centre to edge of CD *across* the tracks, NOT *along* the tracks. Good luck!

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