How To: Remove a stain from a carpet

Remove a stain from a carpet

How to remove a stain from a carpet The most important step for taking care of a stain is to use a blotting motion rather than rubbing the stain. Using a white paper towel or cloth towel is helpful because you can see if the stain is still coming out of the carpet and onto the towel. After you finish blotting the stain then the next step is to spray the stain with some water. Then blot the water with a new paper towel. If you are going to use detergent on the stain make sure you get it all out because if you leave any in the carpet it will attract more dirt later. Just keep with it, removing stains takes a long time. Make sure you get to the stain as soon as possible. You can also wet the stain down with water, put a stack of paper towels on it, and then weight it down with a brick or heavy rock. You can leave it for several hours to help get the stain up. So work on those stains.

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