How To: Replace a Door Knob with a Handle Set

Replace a Door Knob with a Handle Set

Need to replace your old door knob? Follow Milan Rosan as he takes you through a step-by-step, do-it-yourself approach to installing your own handle set in your home.

Step 1 Remove old door knob.

Properly remove screws.

Step 2 Remove latch and scratch plate.

Properly remove screws, then pull out.

Step 3 Mark a hole for the support bolt.

When you purchase your handle set, it will come with a template to use for marking the hole.

Step 4 Drill hole for support bolt.

Step 5 Install handle set.

  1. Install latch making sure the latch's slopped edge is pointed toward the way the door closes.
  2. Install handle set making sure to line up the hole at the bottom.
  3. Properly screw in the lever on the backside into the handle.
  4. Check to make sure your handling is correct.  The lever should pull down and not up.
  5. If you need to switch the handling, you will need to remove the handle and switch the transfer bar. Then re-install the handle set.

Step 6 Check to make sure the handle and the lever work correctly.

Step 7 Install support bolt.

Attach cover to hide the screw.

Step 8 Install strike plate.

There is a rounded and a squared strike plate.  Make sure to match with your old strike plate to assure alignment.

After that you should be ready to go.

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