How To: Restore a brass lamp font with Simichrome Polish

Restore a brass lamp font with Simichrome Polish

Watch this video tutorial from the Polish Guy to see how to polish and restore a brass lamp font with Simichrome Polish. In this demonstration tutorial we use Simichrome to polish a piece of brass. The tutorial includes a detailed work instructions and best practices.


1. Apply a dime size spot of Simichrome to the finger tip of your nitrile glove.

The gloves will keep your hands clean as well as apply the polish easily into the intricate pattern of the lamp font. By applying polish this way you do not waste as much as you would by using a cloth. The cloth will soak up some polish. You also could apply the polish with a brush if you were using Simichrome polish from a can.

2. After applying the polish rub it with the micro fiber cloth and buff to the desired sheen.

3. Continue on around the font until finished. If you wanted to get into the grooves of the pattern more aggressively for a deeper shine you could apply the polish and with 0000 steel wool.

4. The last step would be to buff to a shine with a micro fiber cloth or even an old t shirt.

I did not attempt to get this piece too shiny as it is an antique and I only wanted it to be clean and the intricate pattern of the lamp highlighted.

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