How To: Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

Many people start their day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee. They purchase their coffee with care and enjoy it greatly. But what do you do with those grounds once you've drunk your coffee? Here are some uses for those used coffee grounds!

Note: It's always easiest to handle coffee grounds when they're cool, so wait a couple of hours after you've switched off the coffee pot to try any of these!

Use #1 - Fertilizer

Add your coffee grounds to your garden to provide your plants with extra nutrients. This works especially well for plants that thrive in soil with higher acidic levels. Blueberry bushes, rhododendrons, and tomato plants all thrive in soil with a stronger acidic level.

Use #2 - Add Shine to Your Hair

Work a handful of coffee grounds through wet hair and rinse. This will soften and enrich hair. You'll probably want to try this right before washing your hair unless you don't mind smelling like coffee for the rest of the day.

If you don't like the idea of trying this yourself, try it on your dog. It works well for dog fur, too!

Use #3 - Exfoliate

Mix your grounds with a little warm water and spread the mixture gently over the area you wish to exfoliate. Let sit for a couple of minutes before washing away. If you try this on your face, remember to be gentle (don't rub it in) and avoid your eye area. Use your favorite lotion afterward.

Use #4 - Keep Ants Away

Sprinkle grounds in the areas you've noticed them inside or outside your house.

Use #5 - Deodorizer

Put the coffee grounds in a glass jar without a lid and slide it to the back of your freezer. This will help get rid of any lingering odors. Works great in the freezer, too!

Use #6 - Get Rid of Smells on Your Hands

Work with some foods in the kitchen and the smell will linger on your hands for the rest of the day. Scrub with a little bit of coffee along with soap and warm water and the odor will be gone.

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Exfoliate...That's true! My wife does it in her salon. We call it coffee scrub. : )

The way I make coffee with my Madras coffee filter, I get a lot of use from it... 2 different strengths of deccoction that can be diluted for use when needed (I refrigertate it in mason jar) & a 3rd time filter for 1 6 oz cup of regular strength coffee. The remaining grounds, I dry till completely dry & then grind it once more in the coffee grinder. This I mix with dried & powdered citrus rinds (all the skins of the lemons, oranges, grapefruits are dried & powdered) & chickpea (garbanzo beans, aka besan in Indian stores) or mung bean flour (also abailable in the Indian stores). I just mix the powders & keep them in the bathroom. Then mix them to a paste with water, milk (whole or skimmed) or plain yogurt depending on the skin condition, & I use that instead of soap for both the face & the body. rub vigorously & then rinse off with lukewarm water. Extremely low cost, totally biodegradable, environment friendly, &, I could say, with almost zero carbon footprint

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