Shake and Fold: How to Dry Your Hands Properly with Paper Towels (And Stop Waste)

How to Dry Your Hands Properly with Paper Towels (And Stop Waste)

It may seem like a trivial topic, but the majority of people don't use paper towels the proper way (just as they don't crap the proper way). The outcome of this improper usage?

13 billions pounds of paper towels used by Americans every year.

If we used paper towels properly, we could save almost 600 million pounds per year. To put that into perspective, that's the same weight as 30,000 of these babies...

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Earlier this year at TEDx talks, Joe Smith shared his plan on how to reduce this paper towel massacre. The majority of people tend to snatch up several paper towels when drying their hands. I've watched people grab up to five and six paper towels.

This isn't necessary. One paper towel can do the same job that five or six paper towels do, but it's all about maximization. It's as easy and shake and fold.

It's amazing how a simple process like this can cause a nationwide difference. Hundreds of millions of pounds of paper are no joke. TEDx talks are always excellent discussions on how we should advance as people, and this one is no different.

After watching this video, I no longer waste paper towels. The shake and fold technique will forever be embedded in my mind. I've already converted my family and friends to this technique...and you should, too.

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very good ! i have been doing this for a long time and i only use 1 select-a-size paper towel . hands are a tad damp but that is ok !!,, try it as it works , do your part for the "green".........

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