How To: Sterilize a Sponge

Sterilize a Sponge

In this tutorial, we learn how to sterilize a sponge with Debbie Anderson. Over time, your sponge can collect a lot of different bacteria, so sterilizing it is very important. You will need: baking soda, vinegar, measuring cups, rubber gloves, and a microwave. First, place a stopper inside of your sink and fill it up half way with hot water and add in 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar. Mix this together with your hands (with gloves on them) and then place the sponges inside. Rinse the sponges off and squeeze the excess water out. Next, place the sponges into a microwave for 2 minutes and then let them cool. This will sterilize your sponges in just a few minutes!

Sterilize a Sponge - How to Sterilize a Sponge Video

Sterilize a Sponge - How to Sterilize a Sponge Video A kitchen sponge makes a great home for germs, mold, and bacteria. So you'll want to sterilize your sponges to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Learn how to sterilize a sponge without using harsh, unnatural chemicals.

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