How To: Unclog a toilet in 11 seconds like a pro plumber

Unclog a toilet in 11 seconds like a pro plumber

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to unclog a toilet in 11 seconds. Users will need a plunger. It is recommended to use a pleaded plunger, instead of the regular plunger. When clogging a toilet, the rubber of the plunger is filled up with water, pushed down and squeezes out the pressurized water. The force from the pressured water will remove the clogging of the toilet. Slowly place the plunger into the water and let it be filled with water. Align it with the toilet hole and then push the ball at the end of the plunger slowly until the overflowed water is clear. This video will benefit those viewers who are interested in plumbing or have a clogged toilet, and would like to learn how to quickly unclog a toilet.

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You can unclog it with the help of internet videos but if you want to do it perfectly then taking help from plumber is essential. Recently with the help of sewer inspection camera many clogged drains have been unclogged by plumbers in my home. They've done fabulous work.

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