News: 7 Tips for Organizing Your Room

7 Tips for Organizing Your Room

Today I'm going to show you 7 easy ways to organize your room. They are really simple and cheap so I hope you find them useful!


The first thing you need to remember is to use what you already have, for example: space!

There can be some useful places in your room that you aren't getting the most of like the wall behind the door.

In that space, you can put there some adhesive hangers that wont damage the surface and keep there your most used bags, coats and scarves!

Another possible unused space you may have is the keyboard tray of your desk if you have a laptop. You can place a really inexpensive cutlery tray there and use it to store your school supplies! This way your desk space will be free and your will have more room for books and folders.

This "use-what-you-have" rule not only applies to space but also to objects, so look around the house any unused objects that you can use to decorate your room. For example I found a cristal cheesedish that I decided to use for my nail polish!


The next tip that I have is to try to solve everyday organization problems you may have. For example, I used to keep my necklaces in this glass but they got tangled all the time, so I decided to put them in my corkboard. They look nicer this way and they are so easy to grab when I'm in a rush, which actually happens every morning ...

Another little problem that you can have Is that your boots don't stay up which can be kind of annoying but its easy to solve rolling a magazine cover and putting it in the boot and also adding a clothes peg.


So obvious! My last tip is to store everything in boxes, as simple as that. It's the easiest way to keep all your junk away from sight, and makes it a lot easier to clean. You can find really inexpensive ones in IKEA.

If you are into crafts like me I'm sure you have tones of beads to make bracelets and stuff. The best way to organize them is with pill boxes which can be found at any a dollar store. This ones are actually some candy boxes that were also really inexpensive. For larger beads you can use screw boxes, or keep them in little plastic bags like theses ones. And of course, onces everything organized put it in a bigger box!

That was everything!! I hope you really find this video useful and it helps you to keep your room organized!

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